Army Education Center

Military Evaluations

Students in the military can request to have their military experiences and training evaluated by providing the school a Joint Service Transcript (JST). Students can request to have JST forwarded to Barton for evaluation. Please note, before an evaluation can be completed, the student must have passed at least one course with Barton.

Military students will also need the following documents: most up-to-date copy of student’s Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) or DD214 (for individuals who are no longer in the military). Students can also bring any applicable certificates that they would like to be evaluated for college credit that are not listed on their JST or ERB.

Soldiers can request to have their military evaluation re-evaluated once every six months. This process is called an Addendum. Soldiers need to bring the following documents for re-evaluation:

  • An updated JST Transcript
  • An updated ERB
  • Certificates for newly completed courses

Soldiers needing a transcript from the results of the evaluation (i.e. for military promotion points) must follow the procedures outlined  on the Transcript Request webpage. Please allow approximately 7-10 business days for evaluation of your credits before requesting your transcript.